historic pub trail:Bath

bath,  famous for it's architecture, rich history and the roman baths. It's the perfect pub walking trail, with everything situated close together, with beautiful scenery as you stroll through the city.



Craft beer

Super old

Crystal Palace

The first stop on this trail is one of Bath's oldest pubs. It's named in commemoration of The Great Exhibition, and is a good, cosy, rustic pub. With button-back sofas and a big outdoor seating area, it's quite a comfy first stop on the Bath trail. With 14 pumps on, you'll be sure to find a decent beer worth tasting here.

Coeur de Lion

A great one to visit! Coeur de Lion is Bath's smallest pub, and arguably one of the quirkiest spots too. Featuring stained-glass windows, a fireplace and a small outdoor seating area it's a lovely place to kick back and relax at midday. The local people are incredibly friendly in here and it's not hard to spark up a conversation given the small nature of the pub. With 4 real ale pumps, and Bath's own brewery beer available (Abbey Ales), you'll be guaranteed a decent pint.

The Garricks Head

The Garricks Head is a great lunchtime spot. Their menu is rich in food and beer, with 5 real ale pumps on offer in addition to standard beer choices. The food menu includes pies, fish, Cornish mussels, and their speciality... Bath Chaps, a Georgian delicacy of cured pig cheeks. 

Hall and Woodhouse

In contrast to the other Bath pubs, the Hall and Woodhouse is incredibly spacious. It's got a more modern vibe to it, and if you are fancying a coffee break along the way then this place is perfect. The all copper bar is a really cool feature of the place, as well as the Bath Skyline Bar upstairs.

The Raven

You cannot visit Bath without visiting The Raven. The building certainly has some tales to tell: it was a butchers in the 1800's, a wine merchants in 1895, and a pub used by WWII pilots between 1939-1945. They have 6 real ale pumps on, which includes their own Raven Ale and Ravens Gold Ale. But the best bit... their pies are amazing. Be sure to taste the Raven Ale pie before leaving.

The Old Green Tree

A friendly, old-style pub comprised of just two rooms with the bar linking them in the middle. If you want to experience cosy coal fires, low-ceilings and friendly bartenders then be sure to visit The Old Green Tree. A delightful spot if you're looking to just relax in a quiet spot. A good selection of real ale is available, including their own Green Tree Ale, as well as Butcombe, Pitchfork, Exmoor Gold and Veltins Pilsner.

Volunteer Riflemans Arms

An extremely popular small pub with very much a local vibe, in fact it's referred to as 'The Volley' in Bath. Seating is limited with just 5 tables inside, or bar seating, but it's great and quirky. They serve a house ale (Volunteer Riflemans Arms Ale) in addition to the usual beers. Also, if you fancy a chocolate brownie or tiramisu, then look no further because they serve those too!

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