our guides: what makes a good tour guide?

become an HPT host

Interested in joining the HPT team as a Trail Host?

It’s completely free to register with Historic Pub trails.


Please sign up through our website. We will then contact you by email initially and then follow that up with a Skype interview.


The information you provide when registering will be visible (but not your personal details) to customers once you have been approved so please give lots of information that clearly expresses who you are and what interests you.

Our Guides 

When selecting our HPT Guides we look for four key attributes:

  • Organisation

  • Empathy

  • Knowledge

  • Sense of Humour


For any successful tour we believe that organisation is key, and our guides, like a swan, will be paddling around frantically under the water to ensure your experience goes ahead without a hitch. Equally we want our guides to be in tune with their groups so they can understand what the group dynamic is and create an interactive relationship so that everyone enjoys the experience.


It goes without saying that our guides need to be knowledgeable about history and alcohol, but more than that they are enthusiasts. We have all been on tours with someone who sounds as if they’ve said the same thing over and over again – and there’s nothing more illuminating than someone who adds a whole new dimension to a place because they love it and know a lot about it. Well that’s your HPT guide. Oh and they like a laugh!