historic pub trail:Brussels

brussels, the capital of belgium and home to some of the most extraordinary and unique beer styles in the world. whilst the city boasts beautiful architecture, it also conveys a very down-to-earth atmosphere. you will feel like a local in no time.



Craft beer

Super old


A little on the small side but full of character! They serve a good selection of Belgian beers, and this definitely feels like a spot for the locals. It’s located quite close to Grand Place, so it is a short walk from all the tourist hustle and bustle, but once you enter, you feel like you have found a perfect beer sanctuary away from the busy streets.

Au Bon Vieux Temps

This is another delightful drinking spot that you will find tucked down an alleyway. Once you step inside you’ll feel like you have entered a church more than a bar… and that is thanks to the dark wood paneling, stained-glass windows, and overbearing chandelier-style lighting. This is one of the oldest pubs in Brussels so it is a great historic location to happen upon. As the name suggests, it will feel like the good old days.


Think of this as the puppet bar! It’s wonderfully quirky, the ceilings and walls are littered with puppet figures, plus their beer selection is plentiful. If you are looking for a spot with a bit of character then this is certainly the place for you. One observation however, if you have drank a little too much the night before, this spot might feel a little overwhelming the morning after with all the eyes on the walls. Although they also serve food, so perhaps that might swing it for you as a morning location.

A la Becasse

This location is not what you would expect when you think of a pub, but it is great. The layout is very simplistic with wooden tables lining the room. The general decor conveys the vibe of an old manor house, with the dark colours and the wooden staircase that sits on the left hand side of the room. The beers are served in fantastic ceramic jugs, and the servers are very pleasant and helpful. Also, fun fact, they brew the beers themselves so it really is authentic Brussels!

Delirium Cafe

You simply cannot visit Brussels without visiting one of the many Delirium establishments dotted around the city. The pink elephant is definitely the sign of a good beer, and after sampling some of the 2000 beers on offer at Delirium Cafe, you just might be seeing them too. The selection is insane and an absolute MUST for any beer lover. Whether you fancy a Belgian White or a Kriek Lambic, you won’t be disappointed. And if you want to combine your love of beer and cheese, order their beer cheese concoction - it truly is epic and you won’t find anything like it back home.

Delirium Monasterium

Another great Delirium find. The Monasterium is another location that gives off the church vibes. You can either choose to pull up a pew, or hop on a stool around an old barrel. The selection, just like at the Cafe, is extensive with 120 beers to decide from. Also, they offer 400 types of vodka at the Monasterium, so it is a especially a must-visit for the spirit lovers. This place boasts some of the rarest vodkas in the world so you won’t want to miss out!

La Corbeau

La Corbeau, or the Raven, is situated a little further afield from the other Brussels pubs suggested in this trail. The atmosphere is quite different, as it is a perhaps a spot for mixing great beer selections with a civilised meal. The beer selection is worth the visit though, with them boasting popular names like Mongozo, Floris, Kwak, Jupiler, Chimay and many more. If you want a drink to remember then order the Knight version of the beer if available… you’ll see why.

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