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5 Beer Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

With our busy work schedules and jam packed weekends, it’s often difficult to make the time for beer. After all, there’s nothing better than heading to the pub with your friends after a long day at the office to enjoy a delicious pint or two, but if you’re truly stuck for time, then have your phone at the ready to take note of our favourite Instagram beer pages. This means you can get your beer fix at work, and even make your choice in advance to pop straight in and out of your local shop on your way home. We just can’t get enough of these 5 accounts that stand out from the usual crowd of standard beer can images, and we think you’ll love them too.


With an abundance of dog-friendly pubs on our historic pub trails, we just can’t get enough of our favourite furry friend, the Golden Beertriever. If her astonishing talent of balancing a beer can on her head isn’t enough to impress you, then this joyful pooch will win you over with her beaming smile and boundless enthusiasm. With plenty of photos to scroll through, settle down with a cold beer to hand and discover an endless array of new beers and breweries to try, and if you’re in need of some company, then this golden canine certainly lives up to being a man’s best friend - she never fails to reply to any messages, questions, and comments from the beer community!


We’re always on the lookout for fascinating historic trails to drink our way through, and in a similar fashion, Ed is a man on a mission to find the ultimate beer and perfect pub to enjoy it in. His striking images of beers with a backdrop of phenomenal street art that raises the profile of talented artists are accompanied by detailed and honest reviews, stemming from his expert taste buds and appreciation for great establishments. With 3500 followers, Ed is a well-known member of the beer community and is constantly on the rise. You’ll find hundreds of hypnotising images to wander through, and if you wish to have your beer or pub photographed in the style of his portfolio, Ed is more than happy to snap away.


As the product photographer for ThinkGeek, Eli Traks combines this passion for photography and Photoshop with her love of beer to create an aesthetically pleasing feed. Much like beer, each image has a distinctive individuality that draws you into this wonderful world. Explosions of flavour, seasonal specials, and products of experimentation across hundreds of photos will keep you entertained for hours, but if this isn’t quite enough, then @thedukeofbeer is also owned by this talented woman. As it turns out, Duke follows in his owner’s footsteps... he’s a dog crazy for beer!


We’re huge fans of travelling across the globe for great beer, and the craft diaries encapsulates this longing wanderlust through photography and illustration. These unique and quirky designs truly stand out amongst the craft beer crowd and capture the dedicated community with exciting visual stories. Just a quick scroll through and your day will instantly be brightened with laughter as illustrations range from mad scientists to Darth Vader sampling an Imperial Puft from Tiny Rebel Brew co...the force is strong with this one!


“"A daily dose for every craft beer connoisseur!”

We’re only snobs when it comes to beer, and so craft_not_crap is the perfect platform to source the best of the best. They endeavour to look at all the aspects of beer, from the character of it, to the brewery it came from, and the brewing process to get it. Not shy from providing different perspectives, Justin and Mike make you feel as if you’re right there with them with striking in-depth images and honest reviews. So take a scroll through the pops of colour and make your choice knowing that your craft beer is in good hands!

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