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Crazy For Craft Beer: Why is Craft Beer So Popular?

In 2017, the UK saw more than 300 new breweries launch as a product of the boom in craft beer sales. This incredible surge encouraged those passionate about beer and home brewing to open their own microbreweries and share their love for quality and personal brews - ranging from gluten-free beer to ale made from leftover bread! But what makes a craft beer so special? To put it simply, a craft beer is one that is made in a traditional or non-tampered way by a small brewery. And it’s certainly not a new craze that will be forgotten within a week. Craft beer is a revolutionary phenomenon, and it’s here to stay.

“Craft beer is more than just awesomely delicious beer. It's also a revolution against the insult of the industrialised notion of beer that has been preying on the populace for decades”
Greg Koch, Stone Brewing

Behind the Magic

Small, independent, and traditional. That’s what makes a craft beer.

Small - A European craft brewery brews less than 500,000 HL annually.

Independent - Less than 25% of the craft brewery is owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry member who is not themselves a craft brewer.

Traditional - All their beer is brewed at craft breweries, and at original gravity. Rice, corn, or any other adjuncts to lessen flavour and reduce costs are not used, and all ingredients are clearly listed on the label of all their beers.

And most importantly, the taste of craft beer is unlike any other mass produced and marketed products you’ll find from large beer companies. The quality of the beer is a craft brewer’s main focus; they put their heart and soul, as well as innovative and exciting ingredients, into each brew and don’t cut any corners. So now that you know the craft behind the craze, it’s hard to see why you’d favour the insult of watered down beer from industrialised establishments. Choose craft beer.

Strength in Numbers

Not only does craft beer taste delicious, but it also prides itself on its strength. Craft beer comes in many shapes and sizes, yet they all pack a punch! Most of these brews range from 5-10% abv and can even reach an unbelievable 40%, so it’s worth taking your time and savouring the sips.

Endless Choice

Thanks to the craft beer boom, the total number of breweries in the UK has pushed past 2000 and only continues to expand rapidly - you can walk into any pub today and find a fridge full of quirky craft beer cans and bottles waiting for you. So, why stick with the big, unoriginal names when you have a whole exciting world of craft beer at your hands?



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