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The rise of beer tourism and why it’s here to stay

Travelling the world for the next best tipple is nothing new, but with the craft beer phenomenon revolutionising the way we drink, embarking on the next adventure for a quality brew has never been more enticing. Enthusiasts come from far and wide to sample exciting concoctions from iconic breweries, and the array of pubs and beer on offer is a key factor for many when choosing their next destination. We’ve certainly tapped into this exciting world of beer tourism with our historic pub trails, and we endeavour to share this love of beery adventures so that you can discover the incredible selection across the globe.

Britain has a fascinating brewing heritage and this interest for beer and history has significantly increased amongst the beer community, with the arrival of craft beer encouraging an appearance of pub trails and brewery tours across almost every major city.

An estimated 10 million people visit craft breweries every year, indicating that beer tourism is no longer just a quirky craze, but a lifestyle choice. After all, beer doesn’t travel, so we have to, and we couldn’t think of a better excuse to book our next flight out to Belgium, otherwise known as beer paradise. Some Belgians like to affectionately punctuate the end of a sentence with “why not?!” and this is something the founder of Belgian Beer Me!, Stu Stuart, stands by. “It quickly becomes the running and endearing joke of many beer tours… for example, I love beer, so I decided to start a brewery, why not?!”.

This spontaneity resonates in BBM!’s beer tours, especially the “Wild & Spontaneous” adventure in the heart of Payottenland - an area southwest of Brussels and in the Flemish Brabant Province of Belgium. The 8 day expedition across the bucolic landscape explores the history of Lambic, geuze, kriek, Faro, Flemish Reds and Browns, and the spontaneous fermentation that gives the beer its distinctive flavour. The process behind these beers is fascinating, and the wanderlust doesn’t stop at Belgium. BBM!, despite its name, also provides tours in Bamberg, Germany, and Brazil, so you’ll soon be learning all about beer and making new friends through a shared love of brew.

With many of us choosing to stay in the UK for our holidays, we’re extremely fortunate that the beer scene here is well and truly thriving. In 2017 for example, the UK saw more than 300 new breweries launch as a product of the boom in craft beer sales. But let’s not forget about the traditional pub outing in the midst of modern beer. Watering holes across the country are steeped in fascinating history and hold a warm and friendly atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else, and so we aim to share these great establishments and their stories with the beer community through our trails. London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester and more… choose your next destination and discover social history in action.



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