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Vietnam's craft beer scene

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Vietnam is a country typically associated with spectacular scenery whether it be the serene Ha Long Bay or the bustling neon lit streets of the Backpacker District in Saigon. However hidden amongst the rich culture and history is an impressive range of craft beer spots to rival anywhere else in the world.

A member of the HPT team had the pleasure of travelling the length of the country earlier this year and would heartily recommend exploring the city streets as there are a wide range of bars, from Speakeasy's to Dive Bars, all with their unique and quirky features (one with a VW Campervan as the bar is a particular favourite). We have provided a few examples of beers and bars that truly encapsulate the spirit of the Vietnamese beer scene.

The Beers

Bia Hoi

This light and refreshing beer is brewed in just one day and is likely the cheapest beer you will ever buy! It is available throughout Vietnam served in most bars and street corners. In the heat and humidity of Hanoi this Beer is a welcome relief.

Gammer Beer

A selection of beers that have a distinct Czech style, we sampled both the gold and dark variants. Our preferred choice would be the dark beer, somehow Gammer have managed to capture a rich treacle taste whilst keeping the beer light enough to enjoy in 35 degree heat. We sampled this in a converted Embassy building whilst watching the rush hour traffic unfold around us.

The Bars

Ibiero Brewing Company

One of a few Western Style Tap Houses that are scattered around Hanoi. Only a short walk from the train station and certainly a great place to stop in after a long cross country journey. The selection of beers is extensive, ranging from Fruit Beers, IPAs DIPAs as well as Brown Ales and Pilsners. The best part, an all you can drink option! At certain times during the week you can pay a flat fee and enjoy all the beers you like (or all the beers you can handle!). If you are going down this path, they do provide a good number of bar snacks, make sure you try the smoked cheese and pickled vegetables.

Pasteur Street Brewing

We found this hidden gem, nestled behind the Cathedral in Hanoi. It provided a respite from the impromptu thunderstorm that appeared out of nowhere. Similar to the Ibiero Brewing Company, the place has a very American feel, and certainly a lot of the produce is inspired by the US. However what makes it stand out is the Vietnamese twist on classic craft beer, both the Dragonfruit Gose and the Jasmine IPA are great examples of this. Our personal favourite would be the El Vietnamo, this is a Double Imperial Stout containing Vietnamese coffee, be careful though, it tastes far too light compared to its high 13%.

If anyone is visiting Vietnam in the near future then you will be in for a spectacular trip in a beautiful country. The fact that you can try quality beers in fantastic establishments is the cherry on the cake.

Dô Vô Một hai ba, yo (that's cheers in Vietnamese!)



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